I was in the Army for 12 years and decided to pass some of my experience to young adults

13 May 2019

SSI Pascal Eyles, Detachment Commander, Sheerness

Kent ACF Squadron Royal Engineers

Pascal is a Prison Officer (Hostage Negotiator) and has been with Kent ACF for 6 years. He’s taken and passed the Adult Leadership and Management (ALM) and the Exercise Conducting Officer (ECO) courses at Frimley Park.

Here’s what he said:

How do you think you’ve benefited from being in the Army Cadets?

I have learned to instruct young adults which I had never done before. I have been an adult instructor for both the Army and Prison Service. I have made new friends and have appreciated the ACF for the help it has given me.

Why did you decide to join?

I was in the Army for 12 years and decided to pass some of my experience to young adults. I wanted to help shape the minds of the next generation.

What are your favourite ACF activities and why?

Fieldcraft is my favourite activity as I was in the field a lot of the time whilst being an Infantryman. I have a lot of knowledge in that subject.

“Fun, friendship, action, adventure” – do these describe your time in the ACF?

They all describe the ACF. Playing games in the Sgt’s Mess with your friends colleagues is always fun. I have made numerous friends (some are Officers). Being a ECO there is always action during exercises. It has been an adventure so far for me.

Do you think being in the ACF will help your career/job/future prospects and, if so, how will it help?

It has helped me to deal with younger people within my job. I am sure it will help me again with future areas of my job.

The discipline we have within the ACF is (I don’t think) as good as other organisations. We provide a good start for young people and provide a good understanding of self discipline.

What difference do you think your friends and family have seen in you since joining the ACF?

I am a lot happier within myself, it has helped focus my direction in life.

Can you tell me about a time in the ACF when you really challenged or surprised yourself?

Doing the ECOs course (and passing it), I did not believe that I was good or intelligent enough to pass it. It was a challenging course which I really enjoyed and was surprised that I had done well and passed it.

What are you most proud of / or what’s been your best moment since joining the Army Cadets?

Taking part in the Remembrance parade every year and seeing the cadets marching around the town centre with such pride and talking to the veterans afterwards.

If you hadn’t joined the ACF what would you be doing now?

Sitting at home watching TV and not doing a lot.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The last 6 years has totally changed my way in life, I look at young people differently especially the young adults we instruct. I could not think of anything better I would rather do now than been in the ACF.

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