Royal Artillery Cadet Insight Course (RACIC) 28-30 October 2019

Humberside & South Yorkshire Army Cadets were joined by fellow Cadets from Durham, Tyneside and Northumbria and a West Yorkshire Combined Cadet Force contingent for the very first Royal Artillery Cadet Insight Course (RACIC) at Stainton Camp by members and reserves of the Royal Artillery Regiment.

23 November 2019

The course was led by Major Eyton Parker of 101 RA and delivered by him and his group of supporting staff who took Cadets through a range of lessons over the two and-a-half day of activities. Covering subjects from fire discipline words and phrases, erecting communications masts and basic voice procedures, operating the virtual battle simulator and the importance of survey and recce to the overall effectiveness of the Artillery in a frontline situation.

The Cadets were actively involved in a range of practical activities and, at the end of the second day, completed a post-course assessment before going to get hands-on experience with the Light Gun weapon system on the final day. For these 28 Cadets this unique experience earned them the right to bear a badge on their uniform that no other Cadet in the Country has and the claim to be the first to complete the process.

Major Parker of 101 Royal Artillery Regiment told us “RACIC concept is to provide regional consistent and meaningful support to our affiliated cadets which we hope will provide a missing link between our sub units supporting local detachments and the events that are held by Royal Artillery Regimental Headquarters” Upon completion of the course, Major Noah Gamp, 2IC 4 RA presented the Cadets with their Artillery badges.

He took time to speak personally for a few moments with each Cadet and to ask about their future career aspirations before giving everyone final words of encouragement and praise for their commitment and effort over the course modules that they had completed. This is just the start of the experience as the collaboration will go on to bring even more activities, both in public interface, representing the Army Cadets and passing on the knowledge gained to visitors and the opportunity for further practical experience that will be exclusively available to Cadet who have completed RACIC.