Progressive First Aid, a skill for life.

My name is Cdt Cpl Archie Higgins, I have just completed my Progressive First Aid Course, and I wanted to explain what its all about, because far too many of us have the wrong idea about the course.

10 August 2019

The course is split over two weekends. The first, well…what can I say but…. you learn so many new skills. You thought you had a grasp of the subject from basic through to three star, but progressive first aid….I am blown away by how much more we learnt, as well as recapping and refreshing the skills gained through the other star levels.

The second…that’s the fun weekend. You get to put all those new skills and abilities into practice, you get to teach! You actually get to teach other cadets the skills you have learnt and pass on your knowledge to them. Its great to think something you have taught someone might help someone save a life in the future.

I won’t lie, its nerve wrecking knowing that once you’ve completed your lesson plan, gathered your stores and took a breath you will be teaching. But I think this is because its an assessment to make sure you’re competent, no one really likes tests do they? But you pull your socks up and get on with it because that what we wanted to do.

Once, you’ve done your assessment, you then learn skills that can assist with teaching, that we can take back to our detachments and companies. This is where you go through CASSIM! This is brilliant…your imagination can run wild! You’re taught how to create realistic looking wounds that help create realistic scenarios. The more realistic the wound and scenario is, the more memorable and enjoyable the lessons become, for you and for the cadets you’re teaching.

During my course, we got to assist in such a scenario for the Pre Master Cadet Cadre. It was amazing! Our ideas were put together to come up with a plan. We made the props including squirting blood and headed off outside. It definitely put the Pre Master Cadets first aid skills to the test!

First Aid isn’t for everyone, but it should be. You’re taught skills that can save a life…and being able to pass that knowledge and ability on to others means they might be able to save someone too. The instructors and DS staff are extremely helpful and will assist you throughout the two weekends, pointing you in the right direction while planning your lesson and definitely giving you tips to create the wounds.

But the cadre is much more…it also gives us a Level 3 First Aid at Work Certificate. This is brilliant to put on CVs as summer is here and we’re looking for employment. I 100% recommend this course.

Cdt Cpl Archie Higgins