My journey through to SCIC.

The Army Cadet Force (ACF) motto is ‘Inspire to Achieve’ and that’s what all cadets want to do. Achieve a rank, achieve a star level pass just to name two. We are inspired by our peers, our instructors to set aims and reach them… and as a young recruit, I set my sights on my career in the ACF. One step on the way through my career was to attend and pass my Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre (SCIC). Which I recently did.

14 March 2020

Before you can attend the course, you must complete a pre course. This is run by County, making sure we’re prepared and have the skills required in preparation for the main course. Prior to the Pre SCIC we’re give two lessons in Skill at Arms and two in Field Craft to prepare and practice at our detachments. When we arrived at CTC Driffield on the Friday night, its confirmed what lesson we’ll be assessed on. The pre course is great as we get help where require improvement on, giving us the opportunity to think differently about how we deliver the lessons, the instructors put you at ease, although you know you’re been assessed it doesn’t feel like it and helps you deliver the lessons. Personally, I found the Pre SCIC course really helpful and feel that it helped me on the main course.

Unfortunately, there was a clash in course dates with 4 Brigade SCIC and another activity I was attending, so myself and a couple of other cadets attended the SCIC hosted by 160 Brigade at Sennybridge in Wales.

Despite the fact we had to ensure some treacherous weather conditions brought by both Storm Ciara and Dennis, it was an amazing experience attending the course. Just like the Pre SCIC, we found out before we arrived in Wales, what lessons we would be delivering, but this time we had to also deliver a Navigation Lesson and a Drill Lesson. The instructors were great, offering us help and advice before it was our assessment.

Although the weather was as bad as it was throughout the week, we were able to head outside onto the training area and deliver our lessons out there to help with the realism, but we were all very thankful for having waterproofs.

During the course, we’re tested is so many different ways, I was really tested, whilst out in the field. I was given a task of Section IC, I was really nervous at first, but by the end of the exercise I was so proud of how I did, how I achieved my aim. It gave me a lot of confidence.

During the course, we met lots of cadets, it was really interesting talking to them and finding out how all our experiences in cadets have differed up to that point. I would definitely recommend the Senior Cadet Instruction Cadre to any cadet that has the opportunity to attend this course as it is a crucial to your progression as a senior cadet.

I would like to thank all the adult staff that ran the Pre SCIC as they made me feel much more prepared and at ease about the actual course. I would also like to thank my Detachment Commander AUO Jackson and Lt Williams for all the help and support they have provided us with, as well as the fact they drove us to and from wales.

Cdt Sgt Archie Higgins.