HSY Women’s Conference

On Saturday 2 November 2019, 30 CFAV and invited guests attended the very first Women’s Conference held by the County at the Cadet Training Centre in Driffield to celebrate 40 years of women in the ACF. The conference was brought together by the County Adjutant, Capt. Val Johnson, following a request for something to be put on in Humberside and South Yorkshire (HSY) to join in with this year’s celebrations, the to celebrate how far women have come over the years.

23 November 2019

Capt. Johnson, put together a programme of speakers, from both civilian and military backgrounds. Local businesswoman Deb Oxley OBE captivated the delegates with her talk on the 14 Key Points, which went down a storm, both funny and thought provoking. Unfortunately the representative from the Armed Forces Diversity Engagement Team was unable to attend due to ill health, but Lynne Hope the Deputy Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire stepped up front and centre and not only gave a talk on the team, their work and diversity, but also told the room about her own experiences.

Our very own RSMI Sam Robinson, took to the floor to tell the group all about Frimley Park, and the course available not only to our cadets, but to our Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV), before Karren Barr former member of HSY gave a very informative talk on the qualifications CFAVs can gain via CVQO.

The day was brought to a close with a representative from the ACF Step Change Project giving a presentation on the project, focusing on diversity and inclusion. Through interactive games and posing compelling questions, the delegates looked at their own areas of responsibility and the organisation as a whole.

Capt. Johnson said: “Celebrating 40 years of Women in the Army Cadet Force has definitely been a highlight for me. Everyone who attended the conference, had a great day and took something away from it, especially from our guest speakers. It has made me realise what an amazing job we are doing within Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF, helping create leaders and role models both in the organisation and in everyday life.”