HSY holds its first Senior Cadet Conference

Over the weekend of 28 February to 1 March, Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF held its first Senior Cadet Conference. The aim of the conference was to help develop new ways of building communication across the county and discuss ways in which the senior cadets can help the younger cadets in a mentoring capacity and with 15 Cadets in attendance it was a resounding success.

14 March 2020

The conference was opened by the Commandant, who after a powerful and mind focusing opening address, opened the floor for questions from the cadets.

Over the weekend, the cadets held discussions, took part in leadership workshops and team building exercises including Values and Standards, and Leadership – What it means to Lead by WO1 (RSM) Lightfoot from Frimley Park who made a visit to the conference. They also got to take part in leadership command tasks.

Cdt SSgt Tom O’Loughlin from Wenlock Detachment said: “The conference is what the senior cadets needed, it’s helped us focus on communication and working together as a team, making us better senior cadets and a better team”

Cdt Sgt Eve Slater from Middleton Detachment said: “As senior Cadets, we go through our training and we help others improve through our instructional skills, the conference provided us with different skills to take back to our detachments and companies. Like the ability to plan your own cadet career which will not only help me, but will enable me to assist the other cadets in planning theirs alongside the detachment staff.”

Commandant of Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force, Colonel Steve Emerson said: “Here at Humberside and South Yorkshire, we work with our Senior Cadets to build a foundation of key attributes and skills needed for leadership. The conference is just one of the ways that we have done this. The engagement and participation form those in attendance was excellent, as Commandant of HSY ACF I feel privileged to work together with these young people.

Colonel Emerson went on to say: “Its important that our cadets are given opportunities to develop skills provided through the ACF so they can make best use of them whatever career path they choose in the future. Equally, it is important that we listen to our young leaders in order to deliver the best ‘Cadet Experience’ for both cadets and instructors alike.”