Hornsea raise money for local lifeboat station

17 August 2018

On the 7th July the Hornsea Detachment accompanied the Hornsea Inshore Rescue in raising funds for the station.

This was done as a bag pack at the local Tesco store in Hornsea.

The day went well and while fundraising the cadets learnt about the costs of running the station and the work the rescue team do before they were called on a 'shout' leaving the cadets at the supermarket to finish off the fundraising effort.

Following the bag pack a member of the rescue team visited the detachment and presented them with and envelope with a donation of £350 as the detachment helped raise over £700.
Which was promptly returned to the Inshore Rescue team as a donation to them from Hornsea Detachment to help them continue the excellent work they do.