Driffield Detachment does ‘P’ Company

On the 3 August, the Cadets and CFAV of Driffield (Para) Detachment set out to Helles Barracks, Catterick to visit Oudna Platoon at Pegasus Company of their affiliated regiment the Parachute Regiment.

10 August 2019

The visit coincided with the parents open day for the new recruits, who are known as ‘Joe’.

Following the opening address and welcome from their Platoon Commander, Lt Vale, the Detachment were escorted to the ‘Trainasium’, an area where we watched the new recruits tackle the high obstacle course, including the notorious ‘Illusion Jump’.

As part of the open day, there were a number of static displays, which the Cadets got to look around, including a weapons stand, field craft and parachute jump readiness.

Before heading home, the Cadets were given a tour of the accommodation, where the recruits are billeted during P Company, where they also gained insight into the regiment.

SI Kevin Newlove said: “The visit was enjoyed by everyone that attended and as a detachment, we’re looking to further activities taking place. I’d like to thank Lt. Vale, Sgt Docherty and all the other staff who welcomed us.”

Information and images from SI Kevin Newlove. Detachment Commander Driffield Detachment