County SAAM for HSY

22 May 2018

On the weekend of the 6th-8th of April cadets and CFAV's of Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF gathered at Strensall Ranges for the Target Rifle County SAAM.

All 5 companies attended with their teams of shooters hoping to achieve high scores and gain more firing time on the weapons system. Arriving at Strensall's Range Complex early on Saturday Morning rifles were set up, rules of the shoot explained, and the Butts were set up ready for firing. At the 300-metre mark firing commenced with teams of 4 firers, each taking it in turns to fire one set of rounds then taking a break. After a short lunch two of the team alternated into the butts for the afternoon and firing continued at the 300-metre mark. Firing continued until four o'clock when firing ceased and everyone returned to Driffield CTC for Weapons cleaning and tea.

Sunday morning started just as early as the previous with the convoy of vehicles leaving for Strensall at 8. Firing today progressed to 500 metres to build on the skills and lessons learnt the previous day, including building your firing positions and adjustments to the rifles sights to tailor each rifle to the shooter. With the targets being larger in the Butts teamwork was even more crucial to achieve a rapid transition in the Butts from the shot being fired, to the target down, spotting disk in, the previous shot pasted up and target up as quickly as possible to give the firers on the point the best chance to achieve the scores they can. This was achieved very well and quickly with many message 10's - with compliments being sent down range!

In 3rd place for overall showing at 300m and 500m was Wallace of C-Company with a score of 60.2, 2nd place Curtis of C-Company with 62.1 and 1st place going to Revell of B-Company with 64.1.

A weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by all Cadets and CFAV's despite the occasional shower shows the teamwork and dedication of all the shooters and team coaches.

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Information provided by Cadet Cpl Leo Brigham of Middleton Detachment. Images provide by SSI Jackson