County Headquarters Team

Meet the team

  • Colonel RJ Fox TD

    Role: Commandant

    The Commandant is the Commanding Officer for the County.

    Colonel Fox left University in 1980 with a degree in Geography and after successfully passing the Regular Commissions Board was Commissioned in 1983 and became a Reserve Officer alongside his successful civilian career in advertising and marketing.
    Colonel Fox served as a Reserve Officer and followed by an interesting mixture of full and part time commitment over the years. He has seen active service in the Gulf, commanded a Reserve Regiment-150 Regiment RLC in Hull and following a deployment to Afghanistan at the end of 2008 he was promoted to full Colonel and appointed as Commander 1st Logistic Support Group based in Grantham.
    For 18 months in 2011/12 he stood in as Colonel Reserve RLC in the Combat Service Support Directorate where he led the FR20 work to restructure the RLC Reserve component followed by the appointment as Assistant Commander of 102 Logistic Brigade in 2013.

    He joined the Royal College of Defence Studies as an ‘Associate Member’ in order to attend the RCDS visit to West Africa in 2014 as he was the lead for the 102 Logistic Brigade Defence Engagement focus in that Region at that time. The Defence Engagement theme continued with the appointment as Assistant Chief of Staff, Defence Engagement for 1st (United Kingdom) Division in York in Jan 2016 and is maintained in his new role as Assistant Commander Specialised Infantry Group from May 2017.

    Colonel Fox has had a successful civilian career which has included marketing weapon training systems to the international market, leading a team responsible for securing the largest financial services consultancy contract outside the USA in 1993, introducing and managing a change programme for the Cleveland Constabulary and being responsible for a new workflow process introduced into the Nat West electronic banking services Company.

    Colonel Fox is a family man and has a passion for youth engagement and development, and has supported local Army Cadet units during his time as a Commanding Officer. He has lead an expedition to South Africa with Officer Cadets and has actively engaged with local youth sports clubs.

  • Lieutenant Colonel FT Owen MStJ, GCGI

    Lieutenant Colonel FT Owen MStJ, GCGI

    Role: Deputy Commandant (Personnel & Administration)

    The Deputy Commandant is a Senior Officer who assists the Commandant with his duties. Lt Col Owen has specific areas of responsibility for Personnel and Administration, manpower, management and discipline, Intelligence and Security and Logistic Support.

    Lt Col Owen started his ACF career as a Queens Lancashire Regiment cadet in Bolton, Lancashire. In 1982 he joined the Regular Army as a Chef and served in Belize, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and the UK.

    After leaving Colour Service in 1991 Lt Col Owen joined Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF and Commanded Hornsea and Londesborough Detachments. He was promoted and appointed to Company Sergeant Major in 1996.

    Lt Col Owen was commissioned in 2003 and has held the posts of County First Aid Training Officer, Company Training Officer and Officer Commanding of B, E and A Company.

    Lt Col Owen spent three years as the County Training Officer responsible to the Commandant as the Senior Planning Officer responsible for overall training and development of Cadets. In this role his major achievement was to plan annual camp 2016 to Sennelager Camp in Germany for two weeks, never before done in the County.

    Lt Col Owen has also held the Post of National ACFA First Aid Development Officer and Brigade First Aid Advisor for 49 and 160 Brigades and Panel Chairman for 4 Brigade.

    In his civillian live he works for St John Ambulance as the Training Standards Manager for its Ambulance Services nationwide. He is responsible for clinical education and driver standards, staff development, CQC compliance and delivering a safe service.

    Lt Col Owen lives in Hull with his partner Jemma and have three grown up children, Frederick, Katie and stepdaughter Ellen along with his Jack Russell, Hector!

    In 2008 Lt Col Owen was honoured by HM the Queen and invested as a Member of the Order of St John for his services to first aid in the Cadet Forces and in 2009 received HM Lord-Lieutenant Certificate for outstanding voluntary service.

  • RSMI S Robinson

    Role: Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM)

    The RSM is the senior non commissioned officer in the county.

  • Major Tim Atkinson

    Role: Cadet Executive Officer (CEO)

    The CEO is a permanent member of staff employed by RFCA. He is responsible for the management of the Professional Support Staff who are responsible for supporting the County to enable it to achieve its aims.

    Major Atkinson is also the nominated Safeguarding Officer.

  • Major JM Britchford

    Role: County Training Officer (CTO)

    The CTO is the Senior Planning Officer for Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF. He manages the County Training Team and ensures there is a balanced training programme for Cadet development and leadership.

    Major Britchford was a Cadet Company Sergeant Major in B Company. On appointment as an Adult Instructor Maj Britchford was soon identified as a leader and has worked his way through the Officer ranks.

    He has Commanded Detachments in A and B Companies, has held the Appointment as Company Training Officer, Adult Development Officer, County Training Officer and has commanded both A & B Companies.

  • WO2 Russ Binks

    Role: Training Safety Advisor (TSA) 4th Infantry Brigade

    The TSA is responsible for advising the Duty Delivery Holder (Commandant) and his Chain of Command on all aspects of Training Safety.

  • Sergeant Major Instructor T Gowing

    Role: Training Sergeant Major (Cadets) (TSM)

    The TSM is a Senior Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) who assists the CTO with his duties.

  • Major D Buckley

    Role: County Adult Development Officer (ADO)

    The ADO is responsible to the Deputy Commandant G7 for the delivery of new volunteer induction training and the development of adult volunteers within the County.

    Major Buckley joined the County after his Colour Service as a Royal Engineer (Sapper).

    He has held several leadership and staff posts throughout his ACF career including that of Deputy Commandant.

    Once his tenure of Dep Comdt came to an end he assumed command of the Adult Development Team.

  • Sergeant Major Instructor K McDowall

    Role: Training Sergeant Major (Adults)

    The Training Sergeant Major (Adults) supports the Adult Development Officer in the Induction of new volunteers and support the development of existing staff.

  • Captain A Burton

    Role: County Quartermaster (CQM)

    The CQM is a permanent member of staff employed by RFCA to maintain and administer the equipment issued to and belonging to the County.

  • Sergeant Major Instructor S Badics

    Role: Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS)

    The RQMS is responsible for overseeing the administration and management of stores and transport within the County.

  • Captain V Brooks

    Role: County Public Relations Officer (PRO)

    The PRO is responsible for promoting Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force to the wider community. She is responsible for the production of news articles, liaison with local press and maintenance of our social media channels. The PRO has specific responsibility for A, B and E companies PR.

  • Adult Under Officer R Montgomery

    Adult Under Officer R Montgomery

    Role: Assistant Public Relations Officer (Asst PRO)

    The Asst PRO assists the PRO in her duties and has specific responsibilities for internal communications and PR for C and D companies.

  • Captain T Colbridge

    Role: Medical Support Officer (MSO)

    The Medical Support Officer is responsible to the Deputy Commandant G1 for the planning and welfare of the delivery of medical cover, medical risk assessment, medicines management and assurance of our medical provision for the County.

  • 2nd Lieutenant C Brooks

    Role: County First Aid Training Officer (CFATO)

    The CFATO is responsible to the County Training Officer for the delivery of First Aid training within the County Force for both Cadets and Adult Volunteers

  • Sergeant Major Instructor D Pettinger

    Role: County Shooting Officer (CShO)

    The CShO is responsible for developing shooting within the county and organising our involvement in competition shooting.

  • Captain A Akester

    Role: Duke of Edinburgh's Award Officer (DoEO)

    The DoEO is responsible for promoting the award to our cadets and enabling their progression.

  • Lieutenant P Meares

    Role: Adventurous Training Officer (ATO)

    The ATO is responsible for organising adventurous training within the county.

  • Lieutenant S Jones

    Role: County Sports Officer(CSpO)

    The CSpO is responsible for sporting events at County level and organising inter company sports events.

  • Vacant

    Role: Communications,Information & Systems Officer (CIS)

    The RSO is responsible for signals training within the county.

  • AUO S Moverley

    Role: Communications, Information & Systems SMI

    The CIS SMI is a Senior Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) who assists the CIS Officer in his duties.

  • Sergeant Instructor J Clark

    Role: County BTEC Officer

    The County BTEC Officer is responsible for developing vocational awards to cadets and adults in the County

  • Lieutenant N Bizzell

    Role: Initial Officer Training (IOT) and IT Officer (ITO)

    The IOT Officer is responsible for the mentoring of junior officers undertaking the Initial Officer Training course. The ITO is responsible for advising the command team on IT strategy.

    Lt Bizzell Joined the Cadet Forces in 1991 as a cadet in his school Combined Cadet Force.

    He left in 1998 as the senior cadet NCO in the Army section. He served in the Officer Training Corps whilst at university and joined Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet force in 2006 at Hillsborough. He has served at detachments in the Pitsmoor, Endcliffe and Middlewood areas of Sheffield. He has been a detachment Instructor, Detachment 2IC and Detachment Commander. Before moving to his current role he was the Staff Officer (Admin) for D Company.

    In civilian life Lt Bizzell works in secondary schools in Broomhill, Crosspool and High Storrs as a Computing At School Master Teacher and, as a Teaching and Leaning Expert within the Department of Computer Science at the university of York.

    He enjoys adventurous training, mountaineering, cycling, wargames, and plays drums and ukulele. He is also a keen electronic hobbyist, creating several projects using the Raspberry Pi. He lives in Stannington with his wife and 3 children.

  • Padre Edith Dawson

    Role: Padre

    The Padre is responsible for the spiritual well being of the cadets and for providing pastoral support on camps and at events.

  • Padre Ivan Howitt

    Role: Padre

    The Padre is responsible for the spiritual well being of the cadets and for providing pastoral support on camps and at events.

    Padre Ivan Howitt is a retired Church of England priest who has served in a variety of parishes in Kent, Lincolnshire, East and North Yorkshire. For 4 years he served as a Chaplain in the Mission to Seafarers, being the Port Chaplain in Kingston upon Hull. As a teenager he was a cadet in the Air Training Corps, then after Ordination served as a Padre to 3 ATC squadrons, 2 Sea Cadet Corps and subsequently since 2007 one of the Padre's at the Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF. He is an Honorary Assistant Priest in the Parish of St Mary Barton upon Humber and a School Governor at St Peter's School in Barton. When not on Cadet or Priestly duty he can be found modelling railways or up a bell tower somewhere, having been a campanologist since the age of ten.