Z Coy Cadets Accomplish Brnze DofE Exped Under Boiling Conditions

19 June 2017

Twenty-two Cadets from Z Coy tame the New Forest under sweltering conditions as they take part in the second Bronze DofE Expedition June 2017.....

Saturday morning saw 2 qualifier's and 2 teams of practice's check their kit at Deer Leap car park and then set out for a very hot and arduous 12km across the New Forest to finally arrive at Hollands Wood Camp site for their tents to be pitched and evening meal cooked.

Next day after numerous pancakes, and rice pudding (?), the groups again set out for a 9km walk, again in temperatures of topping 30 degrees C. Making sure plenty of water taken on at every occasion all teams finally made it back for their equipment to be cleaned and handed back in.

Major Jamie Richter, and SMI Mark Holdaway from CHQ Specialist Training carried out the final assessments for the qualifier's, and then it was a short wait for their parents to pick them up.

A superb effort by every cadet taking part under very hard conditions, you all carried on with great enthusiasm and good cheer!

Highlights consisted of enough pancakes to sink a battleship, Team Dora 2.0 going the extra mile, Compass Boy getting lost in a tent, and our Honoury CA's walking the whole route!