Hythe Cadet Reaches Stage 2 of the CVQO Westminster Awards

16 March 2020

Cpl Gray from Hythe Detachment successfully reached Stage 2 of the CVQO Westminster Awards. The Westminster Awards is a prestigious National competition that is open to all Cadet Forces from the Army Cadets right through to St John Ambulance Cadets - that is a lot of Cadets!! For Cadets to be nominated they must be undertaking a BTEC Level 2 through the CVQO and to be seen as going over and above their role both within Cadets and at home. SMI D Barry, Hythe Detachment Commander said "As Cpl Gray excels at going the extra mile, completing his nomination from did not take me too long".

On the back of the nomination form completed by SMI Barry, Cpl Gray made it through to the second stages. He was tasked with answering some questions to present back to CVQO in order to see if he would gain one of the 40 places in the next stage. The results from this were announced last week; unfortunately Cpl Gray was not selected. Regardless, this is a huge achievement in itself as only 1 in 4 Cadets who submitted their Stage 2 answers would have got through to the next stage.

Congratulations to Cpl Gray for getting this far in the competition. He should be very proud of himself, SMI Barry said "on behalf of all at Hythe, we are all very proud of you!" For his achievements in the Competition, Cpl Gray will receive the CVQO Stage 2 Bronze Westminster Award badge which he will be able to wear on his blanking plate.

For anyone looking at completing a CVQO Award can check out the website for more information www.cvqo.org, or speak to your Detachment Commander today.