Hants ACF Are The UK National Adult Clay Champions

12 June 2017

At the end of May two teams of adult instructors from Hampshire ACF travelled to the Cottenham Gun Club in Cambridge to take part in the National Adult Clay Championships

This competition saw them competing against teams from across the UK of both ACF, ATC, and CCF branches of the cadet forces.

The event is organised by the Cadet Council For Rifle Shooting (CCRS) and is held yearly. The "A" team won every single event held on the day bar "down the line", with numerous individual medals being awarded.

SSI "Clay" Clayton Moorhouse from Y Coy won gold in A Class Skeet getting a maximum 25 out of 25. he also won the Sporting event with a score of 93/100 and took the "High Gun" Award making him the overall competition winner!

Other individual awards included SSI Alex Depass from X Coy winning silver for A Class Sporting with a score of 73/100, and SMI Mark Holdaway from CHQ winning silver in B Class Skeet.

The teams were;

A Team - SMI Moorhouse  (Y), SMI Hldaway (CHQ), SSI Depass (X)

B Team - 2/Lt Farmer (B), SSI Rowland (Y), PI Sheldon (X)