Hampshire Cadets come Third in Exercise Rolling Thunder

9 March 2020

Over the weekend 07 - 08 March 2020, The Royal Signals Corps ran their annual Exercise Rolling Thunder. This is a National CIS (Signals) Competition held at Blandford Camp which is the home of the Royal Signals Corps. The Competition has been running annually since 2008 and has consist of teams from all over the UK. Each team is made up of 5 Cadets who have a knowledge of Signals at 2* Radio Users and above.

This year's competition consisted of eight stands including Cyber, Code Breaking, Communications Centre Simulation, Voice Procedure, Lines, Masts and Antennas.

This was the first time since 2012 the County submitted a team to this competition. In 2012 the team came 5th overall. The team this year consisted of five Cadets from Minden Company: Cdt CSM Thomson, Cdt CSgt Painter, Cdt Sgt Leiper, Cdt Cpl Leiper and Cdt Simpson. The hard work these five put into the competition meant that they were placed third overall.

Lt S Slack, County CIS Officer, had this to say: "CIS in the County continues to grow; we have been concentrating on developing the CFAVs in this subject, as well as the Cadets. The competition has changed a lot since 2012 due to the syllabus in this changing with new systems being introduced and old systems being removed. Because of this it was like entering for the first time ever. For the Cadets to compete and do as well as they did is testament to their hard work and dedication to the ACF and CIS. Well done to the team and we look forward to coming back next year for first place."