County Shooting Competition 2019

Over the weekend 13 – 15 September 2019, 45 Cadets and 15 CFAVs attended this year’s County Shooting Competition.

19 September 2019

The Competition, organised by SSI S Payne – County Shooting Officer, has in previous years been run during individual company range days. This year however, SSI Payne decided to pull it together into one weekend of small and full bore competing.

Arriving at the Cadet Training Centre, Langley Lines, on Friday, the teams were briefed ready for deployment to the ranges the next morning. After a good night’s sleep and hearty breakfast, the cadets all jumped in the minibuses to be transported to their respective range locations. The Air Rifle and .22 Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle (CSBTR) were held at Newburgh House; while the full bore L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle was shot at Chilcomb Ranges.

Saturday itself offered ample opportunity for firers to practice, get use to their weapon systems and zero their aim. Due to the smaller numbers of firers on the small-bore competitions, both the Air Rifle and CSBTR competitions were able to be shot on the Saturday also. The winners would be announced at the final parade on Sunday.

The Montgomery of Alamein Full-Bore Competition is in memory of the First Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, Field Marshal Bernard “Monty” Montgomery, who fought in both the first and second World Wars. Once a resident of Portsmouth with his Wife and Stepsons, Field Marshal Montgomery received the Distinguished Service Order for his bravery during the First Battle of Ypres; he had been shot through the lung by a Sniper, but still managed to suppress and defeat the enemy forces. It was during the Second World War, the second battle of El Alamein where one of the first large scale Allied land victories was had. It was this battle that gave Field Marshal Montgomery his Viscount title in 1946. After countless other battles and when the War was over, he returned to Hampshire where he lived out the rest of his life in Alton.

Sunday began early with the Full-Bore competition on both the long and short ranges. As the temperature rose, the competition got into full swing with the firers bringing their best to the firing point – it was anyone’s to win! Once everyone had fired, it was back to Newburgh House for the results and final parade.

Col T Farmer came to hand out medals and trophies in her first parade as Commandant. She led thanks to the staff who gave up another weekend to support the cadet experience and congratulated all the firers for their efforts. The competition results were:

Air Rifle – Individual

Gold: LCpl Winning – Cosham, Barrosa Company

Silver: Cdt Nash – Cosham, Barrosa Company

Bronze: Cdt Drudge – Ryde, Gallipoli Company

CSBTR – Individual

Gold: Cdt Gallagher – Ryde, Gallipoli Company

Silver: Cpl Collins – Cosham, Barrosa Company

Bronze: Cdt Simpson – Basingstoke, Minden Company

CSBTR – Teams

Gold: Barrosa Company – 185 Points

Silver: Minden Company – 176 Points

Bronze: Gallipoli Company – 159 Points

Montgomery of Alamein – Individual

Gold: Cpl Perry – New Milton, Cambrai Company

Silver: Cpl Richens – Ryde, Gallipoli Company

Bronze: LCpl Pett – Cosham, Barrosa Company

Montgomery of Alamein – Teams

Gold: Barrosa Company – 292 Points

Silver: Gallipoli Company – 281 Points

Bronze: Cambrai Company – 273 Points.

Overall Results:

1st: Barrosa Company

2nd: Gallipoli Company

3rd: Minden Company

4th: Normandy Company

5th: Cambrai Company

The overall results will be put towards the Champion Company Competition which has begun again after Annual Camp. During this weekend, 18 cadets managed to pass their 3* Shoot; one with First Class and two with the highest possible, Marksman – very well done!

Those top scoring cadets have now been selected to attend the CADSAAM Competition this weekend, representing the County – Good Luck to you.

If you want to get involved with Shooting, speak to your Detachment Commander to find out what is coming up.