County First Aid Training and Selection Day

8 March 2020

On Saturday 07 March, the County's avid First Aiders came together at County HQ in Winchester for Competition training and selection ahead of the upcoming Brigade Competition.

Cadets from around the County met at Newburgh House with Capt J Groves, County First Aid Training Advisor, SI J Cheshire and PI S Bowler. They started the day off with some skills practicing with CPR, bleeding and recovery position. Throughout the morning, the Instructors reminded the First Aiders of specific points that would be useful to them during the competitions.

After some lunch, Capt Groves lead first aid scenarios to put the First Aiders to the test and to select the best for the teams moving into the competitions. These scenarios varied to provide an overview of the ability of the First Aiders which will play a part in further training.

Congratulations to the following Cadets for your successful selection to the teams:

Team A:

LCpl S Franklin - Romsey Detachment

Cdt T Florence - Romsey Detachment

LCpl R Young - Romsey Detachment

Cpl E Lawson - Romsey Detachment

Team B:

SSgt E Garrett - Horndean Detachment

Cdt R McLackland - Alton Detachment

LCpl R Smith - Peronne Road Detachment

Cdt J Ward - Leigh Park Detachment

Also a big thank you to Cdt M Gregory from Alton Detachment and Cdt C Evers from Romsey Detachment for agreeing to be Casualties for the Brigade Competition. These two cadets will also act as reserves for the teams.

Well done to you all and good luck in the Brigade Competition.

Update - Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Brigade Competition has been postponed. Once a new date has been announced the above Cadets will be informed.