A Coy Has Outbreak Of Punching And Kicking At Alton Detachment!

23 January 2018

There was a massive outbreak of punching and kicking this week just gone at Alton Detachment, A Company!

Rest assured it was under the watchful and disciplined Taekwondo Army Coach Colin Sayer who took time out to come down and give the cadets an insight into this martial art.

Colin has been practising taekwondo for over twenty years and has achieved the rank of 4th Dan in TAGB (Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain), and 1st Dan in Olympic Taekwondo. He originally took up the sport whilst doing his twenty-two years in the REME, before coming out of the Army and now running his own clubs in Petersfield and Alton, as well as working full time as a civil servant. He is also one of the coaches of the Army Taekwondo team and is a member of the Army Martial Arts Association.

The evening started off with Colin explaining the history of the sport as well as the discipline that underpins it, strangely enough reflecting many of the values and standards found in the ACF!

It was then onto some warm up exercises as well as flexing those joints and muscles. Hand and eye coordination was tested and then it was onto the basics of punching and kicking, with all the students at times punching out 50 times plus and still keeping count until there was some seriously out of breath cadets!

To finish off it was some flexibility exercises and a complete warm down.

Our thanks go to Colin for this insight into Taekwondo and if anyone is interested his club can be found by searching “Petersfield & Alton TAGB Taekwondo” on Facebook.