A Coy Win Montgomery Of Alamein Shooting Competition 2017

19 June 2017

A Company Win Montgomery of Alamein Competition 2017!

Teams from A, X, Y, and Z Coy's came to Newburgh House this Saturday to draw weapons and stores for a day at Moody Down Ranges to go head to head in the Montgomery Of Alamein Shooting Competition.

After all the minibuses were loaded is was a short convoy to the rangers, set up and get the safety brief from the days RCO, SSI Sheryl Payne of X Coy.

The teams were then allocated their positions and who shot first, but time was spent using the collimator's and then 15 rounds used to zero in at 200M.

The competition was comprised of 3 serials, deliberate 10 rnds after 2 sighters, and then 10 rnds rapid and 10 rounds snap, with the scoring undertaken by the County Shooting Officer Lt Nigel Foster.

The day went well, albeit it was so hot the rubber mats started to melt and they became so hot that waterproof jackets had to be used to stop them burning through the combats! The cadets did brilliantly under very difficult conditions with the competition going right up to last round at 1545 hours!

Well done to all teams and the scores are;

A Coy 346 points
Y Coy 273 points
Z Coy 268 points
X Coy 248 points