What cadets and staff have been doing with their time

27 May 2020

By SSI Debbie Callaghan, PRO Greater Manchester ACF

Thank you to all the cadets families/carers and staff for sending pictures of what they have been doing to keep themselves busy.

Please keep sending photos for me to post each week so everyone can enjoy looking at what everyone is doing when not in cadets.

The email to send them is 9711callag@armymail.mod.uk

Please click on the link below to visit our website.

#KeepTheFlameAlive #CadetForceResilience #VirtualACF #Kindness

Honorary Colonel Sharman Birtles, DL.

Our Hon Col Sharman Birtles Shared the attached picture with a note to say “A little note of friendship because I can’t see you all at the moment.”

Training Safety Advisor WO2 Darrell Jones

Pictures sent in by Mr Jones’ wife Charlotte to show us how her husband is achieving over 20,000 steps a day.

Charlotte said she went down to their stables and found him sat drinking a bottle of water whilst his GPS for walking was strapped to the back of one of their dogs doing all the steps for him! Ha ha.

LCpl Isabella Mansell

LCpl Mansell continues to keep herself busy. Your art and Greek Mythology project is amazing.

Cadet Luke Palmer

One of things keeping Cadet Palmer busy is his artwork. Well done. Very talented.

Cadet LBdr Maison Gill

“I have been keeping myself busy and doing lots of acts kindness which has included doing my uncles garden for him while he's busy working for The Royal Mail.

LCpl Charli Tunstall & LCpl Leah Tunstall

Thank you to LCpl Tunstall’s mum for sending in pictures of her daughters. LCpl Charli Tunstall at the age of 16 has recently started working as a care maker at Wigan Infirmary. The role of the care maker is to support the work of staff and patients. LCpl Tunstall is pictured with her twin sister LCpl Leah Tunstall.

RSMI Douglas Craddock

Who likes RSM Craddock’s beard? Is it for fancy dress or for real? And who is also growing a beard.

SI Christine Berry

Wow, look at the talent of SI Berry. I love this. The little doll has been knitted in preparation for her new grandaughter who will be joining the world soon.

My knitting - SSI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO

Well, I haven’t knitted for years and I was never able to knit anything other than a relatively straight line. Maybe I could claim to have knitted a scarf in the past? Anyway, this attempt has took me weeks not just the last week, but I gave up because I could not remember how to cast off. Well, that changed when SI Berry sent me her amazing little doll. I shown her my effort and in her usual helpfulness she wrote simple instructions for me to follow and even a little video! How great is she. And now I have a square, ha ha.

On a serious note, it’s special wool for making cleaning cloths with.

So now I have my husband’s birthday present which is tomorrow.

I just want to check who is reading my posts so I have put an error in. Who can spot what it is?

#KeepTheFlameAlive #CadetForceResilience #VirtualACF