What are you spending your time doing? - 17.06.2020

17 June 2020

By SSI Debbie Callaghan, PRO Greater Manchester ACF

Thank you to the cadets who have sent in pictures of what they have been doing with some of their time.

We have pictures from Cadet Laiba Shafiqe out enjoying her daily exercise in her local park. Cadet Shafiqe has also set up her own YouTube channel with her friend where they are using it to discuss different topics. Well done for this. A great star in the making.

Next, we have some pictures of a very talented artist, Cadet Lillie Bamford. Her talent is amazing.

Seeing some of the pictures over the last few weeks by some of our cadets is fabulous. I hope you are all going to enter the art competition for Armed Forced Day. The talent we have in Greater Manchester makes me believe we have a winner amongst all our cadets. Click here for details on the competition.

The final pictures are from LBdr Maison Gill who baked a cake for his food prep class at school. It looks delicious! For his daily exercise he enjoys getting out on his bike. "I think on one of those pictures you may just have got caught in the rain?"

As always, I love to receive pictures for posting on our sites to share with our followers. The day set aside each week for this is a Wednesday so if you can think between now and next Tuesday evening what great things you have planned. Please take a picture or two and ask your parent or carer to send them to me at 9711callag@armymail.mod.uk

Thank you everyone. Looking forward to the next pictures from you all.

#KeepTheFlameAlive #VirtualACF #CadetForceResilience