Weekly Brief from our Commandant, Col Dr Paul Irvine - 31 May 2020

31 May 2020

SSI Debbie Callaghan, PRO Greater Manchester ACF

Please watch the video of the Weekly Brief from our Commandant, Col Dr Paul Irvine - 31 May 2020

Read below for a summary.

I've got a couple of pieces of really good news. First is gratulations to all those cadets and adults at Bury Detachment who collectively walked the 920 km from Bury town Hall to Minden in Germany. Click here to read the full story.

My second point is a couple of long service clasps.

The first is to Major Rob MacDonald, Company Commander of No 5 (Anzio) Company, he gets his third clasp for his long service of 30 years.

The second long service is to SMI Colin Dawson who gets his fourth clasp on his medal for 36 years’ service to the Greater Manchester Army Cadets.

That is an astonishing achievement so my congratulations to you both.

My third point is, as you know as your Commandant I would really like to be out and about at Holcombe Moor, at Detachments, at any activities that I can get myself too. More than anything else it is to thank people for the work that they do. I’m not able to do that so by the power of social media, to anybody that is involved with Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force and is enabling our cadets to stay involved in some way shape or form, a really big thank you from me. It matters hugely to our cadets, it matters hugely to the family of Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force so whatever you are doing well done and trust me it's greatly appreciated and I will look forward to seeing you in person at some point when we are able.

Please watch the video for the Commandants full message.

Please keep sending photographs to show what you have been doing to keep busy and for the #ClapforCarers that we take part in each Thursday. Please ask your parents and carers to send the photos to 9711callag@armymail.mod.uk.

Pictures of hobbies and interests and what you are doing each day that are different to the ACF can be sent anytime as these will be posted each Wednesday.

Thank you everyone.

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