The Frimley Experience

18 December 2019

By SSI Paul Barber, Middleton Detachment Commander, No 1 (Minden) Company

Group picture - photo credit to Frimley Park

I have had the pleasure of visiting Frimley Park Cadet Training Centre (CTC) twice during my career in the Army Cadet Force (ACF). The latest visit was to attend the King George 6 (KGVI) Course earlier this month.

The history of the Cadet Training Centre in its stunning location with the different rooms dedicated to the cadet force. To be honest it does give me at least a buzz. Some of us have mixed thoughts about Frimley, one being the distance from where we live and the other the anticipation on how we will do on the course. I have had these thoughts in the past, however once you get past the distance and let’s be honest there are other Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) who will travel further then once you get to Frimley this fades away.

All the instructors at Frimley have a wealth of knowledge and the instructors on the KGVI have been just that, and more, giving constant advice, guidance and encouragement especially as many are CFAV’s like us and have other roles. I cannot forget to mention the permanent staff and the amount of work they do to make your time a memorable experience. The other is that I have met several other students like myself with excellent skills across the board, some of which do become good sounding boards for the work being done.

I believe that everyone needs to go to Frimley Park CTC at some point to have the experience I have. It’s the home of the Army Cadet Force and an experience I hope I will get to have again.

Looking to join us as a cadet or adult volunteer? Please read below.

The Army Cadet Force is a fantastic youth organisation for young people to be part of. If you are aged 12 and in year 8 you are missing out if you are not a member, yet. If you are up for a challenge and want to have fun, then look for the time and days of a Detachment you would like to join and go along to say hello. You will receive a warm welcome.

If you are over 18 and would like to come along to our next open day for adult volunteers, please contact our County HQ on 01204 512600 to register your interest or click on the link below, complete the online form and information will be sent out to you. Volunteer