Promotions and a visit to the local Army Reserve Unit for Rusholme Detachment

3 October 2019

SSI Debbie Callaghan, PRO Greater Manchester ACF

Pictures provided by Detachment Staff

A busy and exciting week for Rusholme Detachment, No 3 (Somme) Company. On Monday a visit from the Company Commander, Major Billy Royle, was to give promotions to five very deserving cadets.

Cdt Muhammed Alzhawey promoted to LCpl

Cdt Emily Kinloch-Large promoted to LCpl

Cdt Zachary Penfold promoted to LCpl

Cpl Katie Simmons promoted to Sgt

Cpl Ryan Plant to promoted Sgt

All the cadets have worked very hard to achieve their promotions. Very well done to them all.

On the Thursday evening the cadets and staff were invited to visit the neighbouring Army Reserve Centre. The detachment is very lucky to have such a great relationship with the 37 Signal Regiment and often get invited to see the equipment and get the chance to be shown how to use it. The cadets enjoyed the opportunity they had to use the Bowman radios which are carried by the soldiers and also tried out the Bowman radios which are fixed inside the vehicles. The 37 Signal Regiment is an Army Reserve regiment in the Royal Corps of Signals in the British Army.

Great pictures sent by the detachment staff.


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