Potential new Adult Volunteers arrive for the FAM Weekend

8 July 2019

Capt Andrew Pilling, Company Training Officer, No. 1 (Minden) Company

On the evening of Friday the 5th of July 10 new potential Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) arrived at Holcombe Moor Training Camp, the home of Greater Manchester ACF to take part in their Familiarisation and Assessment (FAM) weekend.

The FAM run by the Training Major (Adults), Major Steve Heyl assisted by staff from around the County is used to assess adults interested in becoming an instructor in the ACF. The experience to ensure that only suitable candidates get to instruct and work with the great cadets in Manchester.

The weekend started by the candidates being given numbered and coloured bibs, to help staff identify them during tasks. The 10 new candidates met each other for the first time on arrival and settling themselves in their accommodation for the weekend.

Each of various ages and varied life experiences introduced themselves to their fellow candidates before relaxing for the rest of the evening before their first experience of sleeping on camp.
0615 on Saturday the candidates woke up for a good breakfast before the assessments began.

During Saturday the candidates were assessed against the key skills, values and standards that they need to demonstrate before they become new Potential Instructors and commence their training.

Group discussion.

ACF values and Standards

Leaderless Tasks.

Training safety exercise

Also, for some their first experiences of seeing the weapons the cadets use and some drill.

After a long day the candidates relaxed and enjoyed a chat and a drink with staff and a quiz, to get their brain cells going again, after a long day.

Sunday, and early rise again at 0615 and another good breakfast before packing away their personal belongings.

The morning started with a lesson about safeguarding the cadets they will have responsibility for. A valuable responsibility for a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV)

Next up, for some a challenge and nerve racking time. Giving others in their group a lecture about a subject of their choice for 5 minutes. For some the first time speaking in public.

Another task achieved and the final part of the assessment a comprehension exercise.

The candidates can relax as their performance is discussed and they are all given the great news that they have all passed and will move to the next part of their new journey to become a CFAV and work with the young people of Greater Manchester.

To become a CFAV in Greater Manchester, you don’t need to have any military experience. All you need is the willingness to learn new things and help the young people in your communities to become the best they can be.

To inspire to achieve.


Do you want to join in the fun and inspire young people? Yes? Then click on this link to find out more about volunteering with us: https://armycadets.com/volunteer-with-us/ or you can contact County HQ on 01204 512600

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