North West Regional Cross Country Championship 6.10.19

7 October 2019

By SSI Debbie Callaghan PRO, Greater Manchester ACF

On Sunday 6th October HQ North West Sports held the Regional Cross-Country Competition at Holcombe Moor Training Camp (HMTC). Cadets from Greater Manchester ACF, Lancashire ACF, Merseyside ACF and the Isle of Man ACF attended the North West Regional Championship.

The cadets taking part achieved their County Colours which is earned when representing their County in the different sports that the ACF has on offer. The competition was also to gain a place on the North West Regional Team which will take part in the ACF National Championship on the 12 October.

Well done to all the cadets who took part. A special mention to the cadets who travelled from the Isle of Man to take part in the competition. Lt Wernham who travelled with the 3 cadets said this was the first time that the Isle of Man had taken part in the Cross Country for a very time due to the distance. A long way to travel takes a lot of commitment so thank you to Lt Wernham for giving up two full days to bring the cadets over to the competition. Thank you also to the rest of the staff for your commitment to the ACF and enabling the cadets to take part in the competition.

Capt S Carey from HQ North West Cadet Training Team kindly attended HMTC to present the medals to the top 3 cadets in each of the following groups.

Junior boys

1st place Cadet Nathan Evans - Greater Manchester ACF

2nd place LCpl Jasper Duerden - Lancs ACF

3rd place Cadet Jamie Dargie – Lancs ACF

4th place Cadet Alex Jones Greater Manchester ACF

Junior girls

1st place Erin Garrock - Greater Manchester

2nd place LBrd Jessie Owen - Isle of Man

3rd place Cadet Abi Cassidy - Lancs ACF

4th place Cadet Alicia Roberts - Lancs ACF

Senior boys

1st place Cadet Theo Parker - Merseyside ACF

2nd place Cpl Lucas Dewhurst – Lancs ACF

3rd place Sgt Maj Rob Sculthorpe - Greater Manchester ACF

4th place Cadet Samuel Cooper - Greater Manchester ACF

Senior girls

1st place LCpl Katrina Cubbins – Lancs ACF

2nd place Cadet Morgan Green - Greater Manchester ACF

3rd place LCpl Afton Smith - Lancashire ACF