My Admiration for the Baltic Guard Cadets by Lt Tak Chan

10 July 2019

Story & pictures by Lt Tak Chan, Company Training Officer, No 2 (Kohima) Company

From 27 June till 5 July, I assisted on Exercise Baltic Guard Exchange at Longmoor Training Camp. 40 cadets, 10 each from Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania with their Escort Officers arrived on the Thursday.

This is the second year it has been held, last year it was at Okehampton Training Camp.

Friday and Saturday was spent on Skill At Arms Training with the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle. I was with the Lithuanian cadets, but also spent some time with the Polish cadets. We managed to get all the cadets through their Weapons Handling Test.

The Baltic Guard cadets joined the CCF Camp on Sunday, the Lithuanian cadets were first on the ranges, shooting on the Gallery range and later on the shotgun. They also had a stand where they were shown weapons and equipment from the Boer War to present day.

The Baltic Cadets were rotated through different activities over the week.

Activities included paintballing, archery, DCCT and the 25m range.

Fieldcraft included section attacks and ambushes. They were given a set of Orders and had to build models.

Urban training included FIBUA (fighting in built up areas), attacking a house, defending the house and room clearance as well as grenade throwing. They also encountered a downed helicopter, a casevac (evacuation of casualties) simulation in which they had to deal with casualties.

There was also a day of Command Tasks and the climbing tower.

The cadets left on Friday to visit Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and spent Saturday sightseeing in London visiting Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guards amongst other things.

I have enjoyed working and interacting with the overseas instructors and cadets, I have to admire the Baltic Guard Cadets, they have been a pleasure to teach, they are enthusiastic and always willing to learn and get involved, they have all progressed considering English is not their first language.


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