More great pictures of our Greater Manchester ACF Family

20 May 2020

By SSI Debbie Callaghan, PRO Greater Manchester ACF

Thank you so much to all the cadets families/carers and staff for sending pictures of their hobbies, interests and what it is they are doing to keep themselves busy at this time. The pictures are amazing and so are the acts that so many of our cadets are doing. We are truly proud of you all.

Please keep sending photos for me to post each week so everyone can enjoy looking at what everyone is doing when not in cadets.

The email to send them is

The following are in order of the pictures.

SI Adele Waring

SI Waring has been keeping herself busy taking care of her family and her 24-year-old horse named Rebo. SI Waring said she has owned him since he was 4 years old. He also makes fun of her when she is speaking.

Click on the little video of Rebo

Cpl Alyssa Winder

Cpl Winder has been keeping busy during lockdown by lots of daily cycling, shopping for her grandma and playing on her Xbox with both school and cadet friends.

Cadet Libby Winder

Cadet Winder has been keeping busy doing her schoolwork in the garden, helping to decorate, and making plenty of coffees for her dad while he is working from home.

LCpl Isabella Mansell

LCpl Mansell has been keeping herself busy by keeping on top of her studies and making homemade biscuits. Those biscuits look delicious!

Cadet Michael Crofts

A picture sent in by Cadet Crofts Dad who said, “I caught a picture of Michael trying to sneak some of the last of his cake.” Cadet Crofts has been enjoying making homemade bread and chocolate cakes.

Monday’s Act of Kindness by LBdr Maison Gill

On Monday as my act of kindness I washed the pots for my mum while she was busy doing schoolwork with my younger brother.

Cadet Sergeant Shauna Greenwood 17 May 2020

On 17 May Cadet Sgt Greenwood reached the age of 18 which sadly is the time for cadets to leave as a cadet. Sgt Greenwood put on her uniform for the last time to get a picture to send in for sharing on our sites as her goodbye to her cadet friends.Sgt Greenwood has been an amazing cadet and we wish her well for the future. Maybe she will return as adult volunteer? Let’s hope so as she has been a great role model to the cadets.

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