Master Cadet for Cadet SSgt Wezley Noon

5 September 2019

By SSI Debbie Callaghan PRO, Greater Manchester ACF

Established in 1989, the aim of the Master Cadet Course is to broaden and develop further the leadership, instructional and administrative responsibilities of 4-star cadets, with the intention of making better use of their abilities. The course is held over 5 days at the Cadet Training Centre, Frimley Park.

Cadet SSgt Wezley Noon from No 4 (Korea) Company attended the Master Cadet Course where he took part in the various activities which included Section Battle Drills, Navigating using an OS map by day and night and using signals equipment (communication).

Cadet SSgt Wezley Noon, No 4 (Korea) Company said:

“I would highly recommend the Master Cadet Course to all cadets. It's a great course to attend to improve leadership skills on a new level. The week that the course is spread across is challenging with 4am wake ups and the constant changing of command appointments, however it's all worth it for the Master Cadet title.”

Capt G Allen who was the squad instructor on the Master Cadet Course said:

“Cadet SSgt Noon arrived at the Master Cadet Course with a quiet but confident, well-mannered approach. He was prepared with a high standard in both knowledge and personal attitude showing a good level of subject knowledge combined with an approachable, respectful manner from the outset. He was able to integrate well with the section understanding each individual, showing support and friendship throughout the course. He was willing to learn, push himself and show real determination in all activities and appointments undertaken. Cadet SSgt Noon has performed to a very high standard consistently throughout the Master Cadet Course. He is a strong and confident leader without being imposing and other cadets immediately respected him and held confidence in his leadership.

Cadet SSgt Noon has achieved a highly competent grade and as such earns a recommendation as Master Cadet. Well done.”

Successful completion of the Master Cadet Course qualifies cadets for consideration for appointment to Master Cadet. Appointment as a Master Cadet is at the discretion of the ACF Commandant.

Colonel Dr Paul Irvine, Commandant of Greater Manchester ACF, was very impressed with the course report that he received from the Cadet Training Centre, Frimley Park. Col Irvine visited Cadet SSgt Noon on the 5 September at his detachment and after interviewing him he agreed that SSgt Noon was a worthy Master Cadet.

Cadet SSgt Noon was presented with a certificate and badge which he can proudly wear on his cadet uniform.

A fantastic achievement to be very proud of.


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