GMACF Annual Camp 2017 – Diary for Day Six

19 August 2017

By Major Peter Hilton, Media Ops Team, GMACF

Today – Friday – was the last training day of Camp, though if anything, the pace picked up as a week’s classroom lessons, practical training sessions and rehearsals culminated out on the training in a myriad of firefights and hundreds of blank rounds expended.

The main agents of this carefully planned mayhem were the Three and Four-Star Cadets, running through a variety of battle drills at section level and the training adults who were learning – and learning to teach – the skills which they will one day pass onto Cadets. For all of these Cadets and Adults, their training was not just about becoming skilled practitioners, but on being leaders.

While these exercises were unfolding on the training area, the Two-Star Cadets had spent a less hectic day; the Training Two Stars focussed on marksmanship skills on the 25m Range and the Shotgun Range, while the Assessment Two Stars at last got their chance to sample canoeing, mountain-biking and orienteering at the Adventurous training venue.

Last, and certainly not least, the Corps of Drums spent another day on music training as they prepare for their performance in front of the County on Saturday’s final parade.

Do you have what it takes to serve with GMACF, either as an Adult Volunteer or as a Cadet? Are you looking for an opportunity to work hard and develop new skills? If so, why not contact GMACF County HQ on 01204 512600.

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