Fr. Dr Gerard Fieldhouse-Bryne sends his blessing and good wishes

Senior Padre for Greater Manchester Army Cadets

25 March 2020

Fr Dr Gerard Fieldhouse-Bryne, Senior Padre Greater Manchester ACF

Dear friends

We find ourselves in very unusual times and we are being asked to respond to this national epidemic in a generous and selfless way. I know that this kind of response will not be difficult for our cadets and adult staff because it reflects the core values that we live by in GMACF.

I encourage you all to be true to these core values in the weeks ahead. It may be challenging but you can do it!

Be safe, respond safely and generously to all in need but follow the guidelines that the government is asking of us all - this will save lives and help our fabulous NHS.

Stay in touch with each other and if you need anything just ask.
I am so proud of you all!

If you need me for anything get in touch. You are all in my prayers each day-let’s pray for each other and our nation at this time.

God bless you all.

Fr Gerard