Father's Day - Capt Chris Townson - "A brilliant man and a great father"

By his very proud daughter - SSI Louise Townson

21 June 2020

By SSI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO, Greater Manchester ACF and SSI Louise Townson.

Today is Father’s Day. The day we celebrate all the great father’s everywhere, in particular, the amazing father’s volunteering with Greater Manchester ACF. Thank you to everyone for all you do and the time you give to our young people.

One of those amazing father’s is Capt Chris Townson. Capt Townson is the Company Commander of Waterloo Company and responsible for the Senior Cadet Training in the county.

During this time whilst face to face training is suspended, Capt Townson continues to do all he can to ensure the cadets are encouraged to take part in online training. It is why I spoke to his daughter, SSI Louise Townson, Wigan Detachment Commander, No 5 (Anzio) Company, and asked her thoughts on her dad.

This is what she had to say:

I really wish it was possible to put into words how great my dad is. These words won’t even come close to saying how amazing he is, but I'll try.

My whole life has pretty much evolved around Military Life. My dad served 24 years in the British Army and when he left, he joined the Army Cadets along with my mum and brother. Shortly followed by 13-year-old me.

He is the most selfless man I have ever known, always making sure others come before him. My dad does very few things for himself. Everything he does is always for someone else, even at home he would drop anything to help me without a second thought (and my mum too of course).

His work ethic is exceptional, and he will always see things through. He never lets anyone down as I am sure a lot of others would agree.

My dad is always ensuring that cadets and adults alike take full advantage of opportunities available to them, making sure they achieve their full potential.

I could not imagine the ACF without him. He contributes so much time and asks for nothing in return. I honestly don’t know anyone else who would commit so much time to the ACF. Him along with my mum, SMI Jose Townson, contribute so many hours to the ACF. I'm amazed they haven't turned their dining room into an office! He truly is such a credit to Greater Manchester ACF and without being bias, he is one of the best!

In between all his commitments to the ACF and his job, he always has time for us as a family. Whether it be looking after his grandkids or helping me with something (he can literally fix anything!!!!). He truly is an amazing man.

So, pops, put your feet up, let mum put the kettle on and make you a brew 😂 and just for one day please refrain from cadet work!

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