Dismounted Close Combat Training for Waterloo Company

22 January 2020

By SI Alex Vargas, Leigh Detachment, No 5 (Anzio) Company

Cadets from across the county enjoyed the chance to use the Dismounted Close Combat Training (DCCT) at Altcar over the weekend 18-19 January as part of Waterloo Company (Senior Cadet Training). The event gave the cadets the opportunity to fire the GP Rifle in various scenarios.

The staff helped to train and develop the cadets in their Three Star Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) training in marksmanship principles, with many showing promising talent.

The DCCT weekend was overseen by Capt Chris Townson, Company Commander of Waterloo Company.

Further training on the DCCT will take place in March which will give more cadets from Greater Manchester ACF the opportunity to use the DCCT in preparation for their Three Star Shooting Assessment.

A great time was had by everyone.

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