Day Four – In the Field, Out of the Field

17 August 2017

By Major Peter Hilton, Media Ops Team, GMACF

Today marked the middle-point of Camp – by night-time, four days gone and four to go. Aside from the Corps of Drums (for whom this was their Adventurous Training Day) and the Adult Instructors (for whom this was the dreaded Assessment Day), the main theme of the day was the cycling around of training cadres, two of whom – the Two Star Training and Assessment cadres – came to the end of their Fieldcraft sessions, as evidenced by the multiple blank-firing exercises erupting across the training area, as Cadet patrols bumped against their adult instructors, now playing the part of the villainous enemy with a frequently dubious dress-sense.

As these exercises drew to a close, the Three and Four Star cadres were preparing their Cadets for a deployment into the field in the late afternoon, where they will live for the next two nights, under shelters they were completing as the light faded.

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