Christmas Camp for No 5 (Anzio) Company

16 December 2019

SSI Debbie Callaghan, PRO Greater Manchester ACF

Pictures of the weekend have been put into different folders. See below.

13 – 15 December – Cadet Training - Pictures by the PRO and SMI Alan Ryan, HQ Company

14 December – Christmas meal and party – Pictures by the PRO

14 December – Pictures by Cadets on the Shooting weekend

A fantastic weekend for the cadets and staff of No 5 (Anzio) Company on their Christmas Camp 13-15 December 2019.

Fieldcraft training took past for the training one and two star cadets. The Senior cadets took part in 3 star Fieldcraft delivered by Capt Chris Townson, Company Commander, Waterloo Company (Seniors) with a great team of volunteers, some from other companies across the county, assisting him.

Two staff presentations were made by the Commandant, Col Dr Paul Irvine on Saturday. Both were for assisting an adult volunteer who had a seizure whilst fundraising in October. SI Connor Rosevere and SI Joanne Chambers received a Commandants Commendation with SI Chambers also receiving a Meritorious First Aid Certificate from the Chairman of the Army Cadet Force Association National First Aid Panel, Colonel (Chris) Young OStJ, MCPara. The additional, and very prestigious award, was in recognition of SI Chambers ongoing care of the adult volunteer and his family. Over and above. The mother of the adult volunteer sent a message to say how thankful she was for the two named above for helping to take care of her son to ensure he would eventually be ok.

A number of cadets completed the Cadet Radio User Course at 2 star level. This was delivered by Lt Tak Chan, County Signals Officer.

The training ended earlier than usual on the Saturday to enable the staff to prepare the dining room and for everyone to get themselves ready for the disco on the Saturday night. The Christmas Dinner was lovely and was served to all the cadets by the staff as a treat. The disco was brilliant with some of the staff still having the energy to get up and dance with the cadets!

Sunday morning was back to the Fieldcraft and the Cadet Radio User training.

The final parade before boarding the coaches to return home, saw promotions from Major Rob Macdonald, Company Commander, for quite a few of the cadets. Well done to them all.

The rain that was on and off during the weekend but never deterred the cadets. I didn’t hear any cadet complaining. The cadets are truly amazing young people who are a credit to themselves, their families and Greater Manchester ACF. How many people can say they get up at 6.30am on the weekend after being at school, college or work all week. Spend the next 14 hours eating, training, eating, training, eating, training then relaxing with friends until lights out for bed and no one ever complains. You really have to see the self-discipline of the cadets themselves. It makes all the staff very proud to be part of the cadets journey from young person to adult.

The Army Cadets is absolutely the best youth organisation for young people to be part of.

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The Army Cadet Force is a fantastic youth organisation for young people to be part of. If you are aged 12 and in year 8 you are missing out if you are not a member, yet. If you are up for a challenge and want to have fun then look for the times and date of a Detachment you would like to join and go along to say hello. You will receive a warm welcome.

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