Camp Diary – Day Five

18 August 2017

By Major Peter Hilton, Media Ops Team, GMACF

Almost inevitably, Manchester-type weather hunted us down today and there were showers throughout the early morning until after breakfast time, though it did little to dampen spirits.

Out on the training area, the Three and Four-Star Cadets had spent the night under their bashas, but both positions are well-sheltered by trees and the ground soft and well-drained, and this combined with the experience of past camps and training weekends meant that everyone was well-prepared and the main concern was being issued with one of the more favoured ration-packs. Apparently, the on-trend choices this year are pasta with chicken or meatballs, though the nougat bars raise a few eye-brows and the ginger-sponge in ginger syrup is seen as being a little over-ginger; but the sachets of fruit drink find favour because it's warm work training at this level. The Four Stars, who’ve had a mind-taxing time learning about the Orders process and how to deliver Orders were grateful to demonstrate their practical skills today, patrolling and setting up and executing an ambush. The Three-Stars were planning an ambush for later in the day.

Meanwhile, in Camp, the Corps of Drums spent most of the day on musical training, now bolstered by additional instructors, while the Two-Star Assessment Cadre spent the day in camp, practising their marksmanship skills on the 25m Range and the Shotgun Range, where a number of Cadets discovered skills that they had not been aware of previously. For Cadets on the Two-Star Training Cadre, it was their turn to visit the Adventurous Training site, though there was a strange early morning reluctance to think that canoeing in the rain was a good idea; as if canoeing in fine weather is ever an entirely dry experience.

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