Cadet knowledge on the ACF tested during fun 'Gameshow Night'

19 December 2019

By SI Robert Ryan, Sale Detachment No 4 (Korea) Company

Pictures by SI Robert Ryan and PI Chloe Kitchener

Sale Detachment recently enjoyed a gameshow night. The aim of the night was to have fun and also test the knowledge of what the cadets have learnt over the past year. As we are winding down for Christmas this was a great opportunity to put on a fun activity for all the cadets and staff to take part in.

We had several rounds consisting of question and answers on the History of the ACF and the regiment attached to the unit (Mercian). We had a picture round where the cadets had to guess the word or phrase using cadet phrases. We had a round where the cadets put on camouflage cream in 60 seconds and was judged on how well they had done it. We also has a round on First Aid where the cadets had to bandage a wrist correctly, also in 60 seconds.

We had an excellent night and plan to make this an annual Christmas event.

SI Robert Ryan and SI David Seal, Detachment Commander, created the Gameshow prior to the night with a lot of work put into this. The Judges and scorekeepers on the night were SI Dominic Carvell and PI Chloe Kitchener.

Note from the PRO:

The adult volunteers in Greater Manchester ACF really are amazing people for all they do to make the Army Cadets fun as well as teaching the young people of Greater Manchester some valuable skills that can be used throughout their lives.

CDRILS is what the ACF teach and believe in. Ask any cadet what they are.

C – Courage

D – Discipline

R - Respect

I – Integrity

L – Loyalty

S – Selfless Commitment to Others


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The Army Cadet Force is a fantastic youth organisation for young people to be part of. If you are aged 12 and in year 8 you are missing out if you are not a member, yet. If you are up for a challenge and want to have fun, then look for the time and days of a Detachment you would like to join and go along to say hello. You will receive a warm welcome.

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