Almost 70 Cadets from No 1 (Minden) Company on Camp

9 October 2019

Story by Capt Andrew Pilling, Company Training Officer, No 1 (Minden) Company

Friday the 4th October saw almost 70 cadets from No 1 (Minden) Company arrive at Holcombe Moor Training Camp, for a weekends training in the cadet rifle, shooting and drill with a rifle.

Friday night started with a welcome from the Company Sergeant Major (CSM), a briefing on the weekends events from the Company training officer and final words of welcome from the Company Commander.

For some training started straight away after a quick break for a sandwich and donut. Training and a weapon handling test on the specially designed target rifle for cadets.

For about 20 of the cadets, who this would be their first time on camp was an introduction to what was expected from them and life on camp. They also met the senior cadets, who although not taking part in training would be using and developing their leadership skills on the weekend.

0630 Saturday morning the cadets are woken and at 0730 everybody is ready to sit down for breakfast before the muster parade and commencement of training.

The new cadets and 1 star cadets got to see the cadet rifle, the L98A2 for the first time. The weekend training for them, will be how to look after and be safe with the weapon. They would learn how to keep it clean and ensure it works properly at all times. Once they achieve this, they can look forward to firing it on another camp.

The 2 star cadets, spilt into three groups would attempt to pass their shooting qualification. Skill is needed to pass, along with the marksmanship principles training given to them by the instructors.

Cadets all completed their training and weapon handling test in the target rifle, meaning they were safe to use it on the range and knew what to do if something went wrong.

In between these lessons, also part of their drill and turnout test the cadets learnt how to do drill with the L98A2 rifle. Later they would show that they can work together to give an impressive drill display to the assessor.

In between lessons the cadets saw and had the opportunity to handle some of the weapons and equipment used by the Fusiliers from 5 Fusiliers based at Bury Army Reserve Centre. The cadets enjoying the experience and learning about life as a reserve soldier.

As Saturday was coming to an end and training stopped the cadets had the time to socialise and make new friends.

Sunday, again woke at 0630 the first job of the day, after breakfast it was time to clean and tidy the accommodation. Life as a cadet means that you do it yourself with your fellow cadets.

Completed, the training recommended and a few cadets and another attempt to pass their shooting assessment.

By lunchtime everything was completed and the camp was clean and tidy. Following lunch a final parade was held and the successes of the weekend training were announced.

This included the promotion to Cadet Sergeant for Cadet Corporal Rubb of Bury Detachment and Promotion to Cadet Corporal for Cadet Lance Corporal Stokes. Both well earned and congratulations to them.

The coaches arrive, a short time later and in no time all the cadets are off to return home. Another successful camp with nearly 100 passes in weapon handling, Skill and Arms, Shooting and Drill.


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