A 6:30am start for No 4 (Korea) Company - Manchester Marathon

7 April 2019

SSI Debbie Callaghan PRO, Greater Manchester ACF

Thanks to SI Jordan Battye for organising the cadets and staff to assist at the Manchester Marathon. Coordinating all the paperwork, timings and everything else involved prior to today is not an easy task but all went exactly to plan.

Greater Manchester ACF are proud of the 60 cadets and 10 staff from No 4 (Korea) Company who showed a great display of professionalism at the Manchester Marathon. As always the cadets behaved in a way that makes the county, themselves and their families proud. The staff who were in attendance today are very proud of you all. Well done everyone.

The cadets assisted at two locations. The cadets who assisted at the bag drop were there from 6.30am and remained throughout the day. "What time did they get up and leave their homes?" Another group assisted on one of the water points on the route. All worked incredibly hard.

Once the race was underway there was no time for pictures as giving water to the runners was far more important, and rightly so!

Thank you for the pictures that we do have from Lt Wayne Harrison, SI Shaun Shofield and LCpl Bethany Mcnulty.


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