25 March 2020

Honorary Colonel Sharman Birtles, DL.

These are extremely strange times that we are all currently living through. Some people are likening them to the War Years of 1939 -1945 but of course none of us are old enough to remember them, so it is all very new to us.

I know how difficult it is for you all to remain positive during these very stressful times but the advice being given is to:

  • follow the rules outlined by the Prime Minister
  • follow the guidance on hand washing and general cleanliness
  • keep in touch with your friends digitally or by phone
  • try to keep active and only go outside for a short time, alone, or with a family member from your household, but you must maintain the rules laid down by the Government. This may change therefore please keep a check for updates if you do leave your home for exercise
  • find ways to be creative and keep your mind stimulated – perhaps learn a new skill
  • if you’re feeling stressed or anxious talk to your parents/carers about your worries

I understand that those Cadets who were preparing for exams must be feeling very unsettled and unsure about their futures and, because none of us know how long Schools and Colleges will remain closed for, there is little you can do except remain positive and trust in your schools to work out your grades for you. Don’t give up on your learning and revising independently as we all learn daily.

Hopefully, if everyone obeys the rules, then things will return to normal quite quickly. When that does happen, your Cadet Detachments will be waiting for you.

I look forward to the time when I will be able to see you all again. In the meantime - STAY WELL, STAY SAFE AND TRY YOUR HARDEST TO REMAIN POSITIVE!