A great opportunity for the cadets!

13 December 2019

SSI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO for Greater Manchester ACF

Pictures from the meeting

Congratulations to cadets CSM Robert Sculthorpe and CSM Rio Wolstenholme who attended their first meeting as members of Greater Manchester’s Youth Combined Authority on behalf of Greater Manchester ACF.

The meeting begun with welcome and introductions of all the youth groups present before moving onto icebreakers as a way of everyone getting to know each other. Andy Burnham, Greater Manchester Mayor, who was in attendance also took part and in this before speaking to the young people and thanking them for their hard work since the project begun.

The Youth Combined Authority (YCA) was formed in 2018 and is an important part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Mayor’s Office. The purpose of the YCA is to:

• Advise the Mayor and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) on key issues and concerns of young people, and provide solutions;

• Provide a critical voice and scrutinise the work of the Mayor and GMCA;

• Undertake specific pieces of work, e.g. develop the Opportunity Pass (Our Pass), Curriculum for Life, etc.

Capt Chris Townson, Company Commander, Waterloo Company (Seniors) as the lead Officer for Greater Manchester ACF on the project, attended the meeting and will support all the cadets involved. As part of the YCA there will be subgroup meetings separate from the main meetings which will give more cadets the opportunity to get involved in this great project.

A meeting will take place on 14 December at Holcombe Moor Training Camp with Lesley Dixon, Regional Participation Worker from GMYCA. Lesley will be the contact between Capt Townson, the cadets and YCA. Lesley said she was looking forward to seeing the home of Greater Manchester ACF and we are looking forward to welcoming her!

What is the Our Pass?

If you are aged between 16 and 18 and haven’t got your ‘Our Pass’ yet, please visit the website and see the opportunities to get free or discounted tickets to events as well as getting a bus pass to allow you to TRAVEL FREE within Greater Manchester. https://ourpass.co.uk/