A fantastic opportunity for cadets to discover more about Cyber Security

30 May 2020

Capt Tak Chan, County Signals Officer and Company Training Officer, No 2 (Kohima) Company

Capt Chan has asked for the following information to be shared with all our cadets across Greater Manchester ACF to have a look at and take part in.

Signals Training

The National Cadet Signals Training Team is based at Blandford. The home of the Royal Corps of Signals. The Cadet Training Team trains Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Cadets from the ACF and CCF (A) organisations to then deliver training back to their Counties.

Whilst all training is currently suspended they have been sharing information on their Facebook Page. The following information has been taken from there by Capt Chan to share with our County.

The Cadet Signals Training Team recommend several virtual cyber platforms:

The CyberStart Virtual Cyber School is accepting applications until 01/08/2020. To take part you must be 13-18 years old and live in the UK. https://cyber-school.joincyberdiscovery.com/

The CyberLand suite contains a number of security related exercises https://cybergamesuk.com/

The CyberFirst programme is offering online courses this summer and you may be able to secure a place during the suspension of our residential courses https://www.smallpeicetrust.org.uk/cyberfirst

One skill that is vital whatever you do in life is the ability to communicate clearly, confidently, and effectively, and that is what signals training in the Army Cadets gives to the cadets and adults.

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