60 years for the KGVI Course

1 May 2019

SSI Debbie Callaghan PRO, Greater Manchester ACF

Photos sent by SSI Katie Whiteside, No 4 (Korea) Company

The Cadet Training Centre, Frimley Park is the home of the Army Cadet Force and the Combined Cadet Force. This magnificent building was privately owned from 1086. The house has changed hands many times since the time of opening until 1957 when the building was handed to the cadet forces to be used as a training centre.

On the 5th April 1959 the first course was run. This was the King George VI (6) Memorial Course (KGVI). 60 years on and the same course is still running with the course taking place during the month the centre opened back in 1959. With two members of Greater Manchester ACF attending the course beginning on the 28th April 2019, SSI Katie Whiteside from No 4 (Korea) Company and SSI Jose Townson from No 5 (Anzio) Company, this means for them they are part of the continued and great history of the centre. What a good feeling it must be for them and all who are on this course from around the UK.

The course photo shows both staff standing by each other on the second row, 3rd and 4th in from the left. Good luck to them both who are now half way through their KGVI course.

Thank you to SSI Whiteside for sending the pictures.


If you are over 18 and would like to come along to our next open day on the 1st June please contact our County HQ on 01204 512600 to register your interest or click on the link below, complete the online form and information will be sent out to you.


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