About Us

GMACF - About Us

Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force (GMACF) is a youth organisation sponsored by the Army. In fact, we are part of the country’s oldest voluntary youth organisation, with our roots going back to 1860. Nationally, there are 46,000 Army Cadets, male and female, supported by 8,000 adult instructors. GMACF is one of the largest ACF counties with over 1000 cadets training in 38 detachments across Greater Manchester, supported by over 200 adult instructors.

GMACF helps 12-18 year olds to learn new skills, earn real qualifications, make friends and experience adventure. It provides young people with a taste of Army life and the chance to develop away from home and see how much they can achieve while having a lot of fun in the process.

Cadet Detachments conduct weekly training throughout the year, plus Company weekends away and a one or two week annual camp. Training includes military skills like shooting, fieldcraft, first aid and navigation, vocational training (BTEC) and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. We also have an enthusiastic sporting syllabus and have competed nationally against other ACF Counties in Football, Rugby, Cross-Country running and more recently, Tug of War. This provides skills, qualifications and experiences which can benefit Cadets way beyond the boundaries of the ACF, and are in fact skills for life.

To ensure safety and good quality training, the staffing ratio is about one ACF adult volunteer instructor to every six cadets. Female Cadets are supervised by female instructors. Instructors too receive comprehensive training and also eligible for vocational awards.

Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force makes a difference to Manchester and the county community. Our adherence to the Army’s Values and Standards and our contribution to youth training and education benefits individuals and the wider community.