Congratulations Winner of the Red Cross Humanitarian Award 2016

17 November 2016

This week Cadet Sgt Major  Jeremiah Emmanuel was awarded an Red Cross Humanitarian Award. For the last 3 years the finalists have all been Army Cadets this year was exactly the same. Here is why he won the award.
At  2am on the morning of Sunday May 8th, Jeremiah Emmanuel heard screaming and shouting coming from the corner of his home in Upper Tulse Hill. He went to the scene to find that an 18yr old male had been stabbed in 5 places, 2 to the head, 1 to the chest, back and leg.  When he arrived he realised that no one there knew how to deal with the situation, as they were using tissue to try and stop the bleeding. He quickly took control of the situation by using bystanders to assist with the treatment.  In the absence of a first aid kit, he improvised by using t-shirts, belts and hoodies to stop the bleeding, also treating for shock. Throughout this he remained calm and maintained a running conversation with the casualty, assuring him that he would be ok and was able to keep the casualty alert and awake. When the police arrived, they encouraged Cdt CSgt Emmanuel to continue with giving the casualty first aid until the ambulance came and took over.  He later heard from the casualty, Daryl, in hospital that he was making a good recovery.


Jeremiah founded ‘One Big Community’ (1BC) at the social justice charity, Cambridge House, in 2013. The project now has a dedicated and tenacious team of young people aged 15 to 25 years and partnerships with over 40 local and national youth organisations including National Citizen Service provider The Challenge, London Youth and the British Youth Council. Together they to help run campaigns which give young people opportunities to directly engage decision makers and propose their own solutions.


Inspired and helped by his mother, who was a youth worker, Jeremiah has been volunteering since he was a child and has improved his local community through a number of initiatives including singing in a community choir in hospitals and serving as a Member of Lambeth’s Youth Parliament in 2011. After an 18 month term as Deputy Youth Mayor of Lambeth, Jeremiah joined HRH The Duke of Gloucester as a Patron of Cambridge House in 2013.


Jeremiah’s latest venture is a campaign calling for all secondary schools in the UK to incorporate first aid within their curriculum. He says


“I do believe this is truly important hence why I will be starting a petition calling for this to be put in motion. Not long ago as we discussed I managed to help preserve the life of a young man following a stabbing. If I was not a part of the Army Cadet Force, the events that night could have resulted in a very different conclusion. This goes to show the importance of the cadet forces and displays how the work of the adult volunteers really does make a difference.  I believe first aid should be part of a general curriculum for life, that prepares young people for the future. Not only should physical first aid be taught, but also mental, giving young people the tools to identify someone who may be going through stages such as depression for example. If something so simple but yet effective like first aid was taught within Citizenship/PHSE it could equip young people with the understanding of how to respond to injuries, illnesses and unforeseen circumstances, this could even result in saving a life.  I have a massive network of young people and direct contact to the people within government who can make this change. However for this campaign to be effective it will need the support of the ACF. Not only to show to importance of organisations such as ours, but to allow a colossal amount of young people to have access to information that can truly make a difference.”


County First Aid Officer, AUO Denise Price said “I am just so very proud of this young man. he embodies everything the ACF is about.  I can’t stop crying with happiness. It’s going to take months to get this grin off my face.  This is the reason first aid is so important. Cdt SM Emmanuel is the proof were doing something right.  At times the youth of today get a lot of bad press and it’s all about gangs and anti-social behavior but there are young people out there trying their best to make a difference in their communities and I am sure that we will hear a lot more of this young man as he truly reaches his potential in the future. He is such a role model to both young cadets and adult instructors.