C is for Christmas Camps

14 December 2017

Over the weekend of the 1-3 December, South East London ACF deployed to three locations in the South of England for their Christmas Camps. Using locations such as Longmoor, SMP and Napier offered the companies a chance to really embrace the Commandants directive to focus on green skills and delivering the “cadet experience”.

The Sector moved 380 cadets and 73 CFAV’s and engaged both the Cadets and CFAV’s in an exciting and varied training programs. 

Home for 10 Company was SMP in Folkestone where the company was split into APC level cadres, the company was able to facilitate a Youth First Aid Cadre, a Corporals cadre which was a success and where 13 cadets passed the cadre this was a first one for the company. The company also ran a skill at arms cadre focusing on the LSW weapon system and the enabled 11 Cadets to get much need time with the weapon system.

Home for 9 Company was Longmoor in Hampshire where the company organised cadres in subjects such as 3 Star fieldcraft, Youth First, 2-star shooting, 1-star navigation, an introduction to Fibur deliver by the Cadet Training Team. The company focused on specific subjects rather than star level training and it was a first for the Fibur cadre, this subject was delivered to our post 4-star cadets who would normally be Cadet DS on such a camp.

Home for 7 Company was Napier Camp in Dover where 7Coy Winter Camp has been extremely successful, delivering affective training across all star levels throughout the weekend. This was the first camp organised in full by the new Coy HQ team, the success of which shows great promise for the year ahead. The company choose to skills and APC cadres which enabled Youth first aid, signals training to taken place.


Some Statistics;


Youth First Aid Passes   46

Basic Passes                   106

1 Star Passes                  2

2 Star Passes                  4

Corporals Cadre          13

Signals Cadre              67

LSW Cadre                  11

FIBUA Cadre                16


Promotions to LCPL    19

Promotions to Cpl         11

Promotions to Sgt       3


Major Konstantinious OC7


'May I start by saying that it is a blessing to have followed my Cadet career in 7 Coy to now being the Company Commander. It is a true honour and I don't take this new appointment lightly. 

With the help of dedicated, enthusiastic CFAVs and a vibrant Company of talented young men and women, I will take 7 Coy from strength to strength. 

While developing our junior Cadets and new CFAVs, one key area of focus for 2018 is the development of our Senior Cadet Leadership Wing. This initiative aims to harness great future leaders by going back to basics.  We will focus on training, coaching and embedding quality learning with a full understanding of each subject prior to testing. 



Be more concerned with your character than your reputation because your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what other think you are.'



On behalf of all the Officers, Adult Instructors and Cadets in South East London ACF, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would also like to thank you for your supporting and following us through our achievements this year.


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