3 Star Fieldcraft at Mereworth

Senior Cadets are put through their paces with a weekend of fieldcraft, fun and learning.

23 June 2019

This weekend a group of thirty 3 star cadets embarked on a weekend of intensive fieldcraft practice at Mereworth Woods; the group left Sector HQ to spend Friday night in the harbour area in order to get the most out of the weekend.

The two photo albums show highlights from the Saturday (above) and the Sunday (below) and give an insight into how realistic and exciting the scenario can be. The architect of the weekend was SMI Jodie Colby, sector training officer and with whom the very finest senior fieldcraft training will be the order of the day. The weekend was divided into a training and an exercise phase with two nights spent in the field. Speaking to cadets, the enthusiasm and excitement were tangible and even observing the Saturday night ambush had a frisson of excitement about it and a great deal of realism.

Saturday was spent on training, 2Lt Doug Horsman can be observed in several photos using local materials to build his briefing map, initially with no extra materials and as he states easily destructible should the enemy surprise the group. The theory side of ambush was presented in the morning with plenty of time for practice in the afternoon culminating in the exciting exercise as the dusk drew in, but this being the day after the Summer Solstice, light was in abundance until 10pm. The enemy can be seen in the red vehicle and they made several passes before stopping adding to the eerie nature of the silent woods and realistic surroundings.

In the second album, the full exercise was carried out before return to home stations. The weekend was a great success and the weather ideal, leading to another group of satisfied cadets ready to take on the challenges of 4 star fieldcraft in the forthcoming annual camp in Wiltshire.