Estelle Excels!

31 January 2017

Congratulations SSI Estelle Bishop on her Masters in Medical Science (Orthoptics).

Whilst holding a full on, full time job Estelle has managed to pass her Degree with distinction and is also a Platoon Commander at Podsmead Platoon, Gloucestershire Army Cadet Force(The Rifles).

Estelle has managed to achieve what some would say was the impossible (because of her very hectic schedule) in not only her own education so she can help others but also the education of Cadets (12-18yo) from the Army Cadet Force and Adult Instructors.

Estelle left school in 2005 after she attended Brockworth Comprehensive, now known as Millbrook Academy.

She took a gap year and in 2006 headed up to Sheffield University.
There she studied Orthoptics. At the same time she continued to commute on a regular basis to attend cadet's and became an instructor.

In 2009, she graduated with a B.Med Sci (Hons) degree.

Soon after graduating she wasted no time in securing an Orthoptis post at Bristol Eye Hospital, where she remained for the following 5 years .. and still continuing her Cadets by commuting when ever necessary and eventually getting her own platoon in Podsmead.

During her time in Bristol, in 2013, she decided to take up the challenge of a Masters degree.

In 2014, she decided to apply for a position in Gloucester Orthoptics department as Deputy Head. ... Possibly one of the youngest Deputy Heads in the country.

About 12 months later, a post for Head of Department became available in Gloucester which she applied for .

She was successful in her application and became Head of the entire Gloucestershire NHS Orthoptics ,departments covering, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud.

Her most recent achievement is gaining her Masters degree, again through Sheffield University, which she studied for whilst working a high profile job , plus her Cadet commitments.

Very well done Estelle!!