What I did at the Eastern Regional ACF Football Weekend

The reflections of Cdt Davenport R from Wickford Detahment on helping out at the Eastern Region Football

10 February 2020

I volunteered to help the county to run the Eastern regional football! here are some of the things I did;

Set up NAFFI

Counted NAFFI stock

Ran score-cards to and from the adults for the senior boys and senior girls football matches

Helped the PR Officer with photography

Did a litter sweep at the end of the day

What I got from helping out on the football weekend

I do not play football and do not do much sport, although I enjoyed helping the event run smoothly and being given responsibility at the cadet event.

From taking part in this, I have furthered my knowledge of photography, thanks to the PR Officer, Sgt Major Davis trusting me with one of his cameras! Some of the photos I took have even been posted on the ACF website (see below!).

I enjoyed being there to support and cheer on our Essex teams.