The journey home

So its time to go, the vans are loaded and the last cooked breakfast has been enjoyed. We have our final ‘Haversack’ lunch are all aboard the buses back to Essex.

8 August 2019

We say a fond farewell to Annual Camp and to Pirbright. In the HQ office last night and this morning there were talks of next year, where we will be off to Lydd. Which is a favourite camp of some of our instructors and famed for its excellent range facilities and urban locations.

A different camp is in store for next year, with a year of events in between. A company have a weekend later this month in Wales. Whilst our Corps of Drums (who have been very quiet this Annual Camp) are off to Belgium next month to play at the Mennin Gate again. The next week or two sees our summer shutdown, a chance for tired bodies to rest and unwind, kit to be cleaned and dried and maybe to process more of the photos and videos from camp.

Every cadet heading back to Essex today will agree its been a brilliant camp and everyone has achieved a great deal.