The Few Who Lead

A small but mighty presence from our Corps Of Drums was in Duxford this weekend as they led the arapde and march past for the Annual Royal Anglian Family day, and spent the afternoon entertaining guests.

4 September 2019

The sun was blazing overhead as jet engines filled the sky at Duxford on the first of September. Home to a museum of the Royal Anglian Regiment as well as a regimental memorial wall and statue, the grounds of Duxford are no stranger to the personnel and extended family of the Royal Anglian’s.

Families, veterans and serving soldiers representing all the battalions of the Royal Anglian Regiment formed up behind their regimental colours after a drum head service, to partake in a march past led by our very own Corps of Drums. The talented young musicians had expected to be joined by the Cambridge ACF Corp of drums but come H hour it seemed that bad traffic had caused the Cambridge cadets to be unavailable! With just a small corps of 5 musicians, we quickly enlisted the help of Captain Twigg the B Company Staff Officer (SO) who was there enjoying the day as a Veteran, rather than as a cadet force volunteer. The SO took a drum, and whilst we had anticipated Cambridge to have the Bass Drum, Capt. Twigg made best use of a side drum to provide the marching beat!

As each battalion passed the saluting dais to the tune of their regimental march, the parade finally came to a halt under the command of our own Cadet Drum Major in an area that was set up ready for a relaxed afternoon.

After a BBQ lunch our cadets were joined by the Cambridge cadets and set to entertaining the regimental family who had the opportunity to enjoy the music in the sun whilst socialising with friends old and new. It was a great day for our few Cadets who led an impressive parade at this iconic location. The day was helped by the sunshine, but it was the mighty sound of our small group of cadets that stole the show.